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Case Description (The only file you have to read, others are optional to read)

Custmer & Market Resources (Assembled by PUCC)Industry & Technology Resource (Assembled by PUCC)ICT Facts and Figures 2013Global Internet User Survey2012MobileTraffic and Market ReportOnline and Upcoming-The internets impact on India.

10 Excel files:

Important Key Statistics of Industries (Assembled by PUCC)Internet users density by country(per 100 people)Percentage of Individuals using the Internet by country 2000-2012Fixed broadband Internet subscribers density by country(per 100 people)Fixed broadband Internet subscribers population by countryMobile cellular subscriptions density by country(per 100 people)Mobile cellular subscriptions population by countryKey ICT indicators for developed and developing countries and the world (totals and penetration rates) 2005-2013Rural population percentage by countryUrban population percentage by country.